Elliot Lavine has been an active participant in both film production and film exhibition since the late 1970s. He directed a pair of short films in the film noir tradition (early 1980s) as well as being cited as among the nation’s leading film programmers, beginning his career at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco in 1990. In 2010 he was the recipient of the Marlon Riggs Award from the San Francisco Film Critics Circle, bestowed upon him in recognition of “his revival of rare archival titles and his role in the renewed popularity of film noir.”

He has been an instructor of film studies classes since 2006 for Stanford University, San Francisco State University, and Oregon State University, with his popular classes now being offered on-line. His historic, annual film noir festival, I Wake Up Dreaming, is set to inaugurate its first virtual version in October 2020.

BLIND ALLEY (1981) A 12 minute noir short, filmed in San Francisco. A small-time crook is haunted by the specter of his murdered partner. Greg Pace and Ron Gregoire are the featured stars. Written and directed by Elliot Lavine.
THE TWISTED CORRIDOR (1982) A man dreams the same grisly dream night after night. What does it all mean? Starring John X. Heart. Written and directed by Elliot Lavine. 18 minutes. Filmed in San Francisco.

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